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Thank you for supporting the Beaufort Arts Council. Your support is critical to supporting our vision and mission. Contributions are tax deductible.

The Beaufort Arts Council is reaching out to talented artist like yourself to share the exciting plans we have for our new members! We know the Corona virus pandemic has left many artists confused and bewildered as we watch the changes taking place in the art world, but that is why we are writing to you!
The Beaufort Arts Council believes that now is the time when artistic creativity and innovation can take on new life!  Who better to lead these changes than artist such as yourself! We are excited to announce new activities and opportunities for you when you join us in membership. The missions of the Beaufort Arts Council are to act as an umbrella organization that connects great artist with ideas and activities that will showcase the arts in collaborative ways, and to advance our artist as we promote art as a part of heritage and tourism in the beautiful city of Beaufort and beyond.
When you become a member of the Beaufort Arts Council you will be partnering with well-known and emerging artist everywhere. Some of your benefits as a new member will include;
Building your online presence featuring your work with links to your webpage and social media networks, with your profile, contact information, and artist statement through our site.
Participating in online classes as a paid presenter or active learner.
 Access to our online “Art Shop” and virtual gallery on our website and mobile app which will allow you to market and sell your work.
 Participating in live, onsite shows through Zoom and other online classes for increase marketing.
Participation in juried or selected art shows and events offered by us.
Performing artists and authors can receive online educational opportunities to market through our online classes and webinars which will be seen live on Facebook and U-tube.
Use of the BAC logo which can proudly displayed at your studio or business, with a link from our website to give you potentially world -wide exposure!
We have so much more to offer, and we are looking for a creative person just like you to join our team!  Our membership fees are paid annually, and are currently being offered at a reduced rate because of Covid-19. Please complete our application online at The BAC website and join us today! (*)
Membership fees; Students-$10.00, Artist-$25.00, Patrons-$60.00, Families-$50.00
We are excited at the possibility of seeing you soon!   
The Beaufort Arts Council Board of Directors
Mr. Scott Gibbs, Vice Chairman       

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