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Our theme, of course, is community and combining our rich and diverse history to create an indelible memorial, uniting us and bringing us together. Simply named, "The Community Mural Project," is major initiative is co-sponsored by The Technical College of the Lowcountry and the Beaufort Arts Council.


The location of the mural is the tunnel at The Technical College of the Lowcountry, whose origin was The Mather School for girls which will be included in the focus; however, the entire history of our community will also be highlighted, with African American/Gullah, European, Native American, and Spanish, history included in the unity theme. Highlights of significant historical events could be used. We are open to ideas and asking for people’s stories and remembrances of our community to create the visuals we will need. Students will also be included in the project.

There will be a communal area where all will be painting; however there are also individual small panels that will be assigned to artists to make their own personal individual statements. Spoken word/poetry is also welcomed to be written on the wall.

Fundraisers will be needed to supply paints, scaffolds, brushes, etc., therefore we are hoping to attract volunteers with those skills to help out.

For more information you may email us at:

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